Edmund Dunn

My name is Edmund Dunn and I am a web developer, currently working at d’Vinci Interactive in Hagerstown, MD and a service-disabled veteran who is excited about the possibilities that are out there for web developers. I can’t wait to take on new challenges and see where I can take this.

blog about veterans issues and the challenges that they face. My goal is to share information with and tell the story of veterans. There are so many problems that veterans are coping with, physically, mentally, monetarily, educationally, etc. The more information we can share and the further we can spread the word the better off all veterans will be.

I also volunteer with the organization #PTSDchat. There is a website with as much information as we can find about PTSD including blog entries about PTSD, resources and a weekly streaming radio broadcast about PTSD. This issue is close to my heart because too many veterans are suffering and committing suicide, including an Army buddy of mine,